Here's a Quick 8 Step Guide to Make an App

how to make an app

After getting a vast amount of questions on ‘How to Make an App’, we decided to answer our readers query with this rich piece of content. Below you will find all answers to your questions related to making an application.

“For a New Age Business to constantly grow, an effective approach is to be implemented.”

Since the early 2000s, we have seen a lot of buzzwords coming into action respective of their industry vertical. For example: ‘Growth Hacking’, this buzzword is still going strong and can be defined as a process of rapid experimentation as per the product development, marketing and sales areas. This experimentation is to identify the best effective ways to grow the business.

But these buzzwords very from one field of industry to another, like for the App Development field, one of the high priority keywords is APPS. Every year we witness hundreds of thousands of apps entering the app market but only a few apps have the calibre to make it to the top.

So, today in this blog post we will be introducing to the reality behind the world of apps. From learning the steps to make an app to the essential points regarding the app users, we will be sharing amazing insights on everything related to creating an app.

Nowadays, a majority of people want to create their own web or mobile app. Some people want to change the world with their app and some people just want to be recognized. But the first issue that pops up in their head is:

I don’t know how to code so how would I be able to make an app’

And that’s completely normal because not everyone knows how to do coding. That’s why there are many app-building software available in the market that do not require any coding part from the user’s end. That’s understandable but although we don’t exactly boycott these app creation softwares, we don’t exactly recommend them.

As a top-notch app development company, it is part of our job to let our customers know what options do they have while making an app. This kind of app builder software can come handy while making an app for your school or academic project. But if your app is related to your Startup or business idea, ChromeInfotech suggests to opt for a more professional approach.

Why you need to hire an App Development Company

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If you need to make an application to get your business started, hiring a web and mobile app development company is the best decision you can take. In case you are wondering that hiring freelancers for this task will be a cheaper option – Yes, you are right! To hire a freelancer app developer or app designer may be quite cheap but also very risky.

app development company

Because for a freelancer, the time duration is usually longer as there is just an individual who is making the app and not a team of professionals. This puts the project of a client at grave risk because the entire process of hiring a freelancer itself is not safe.

Speaking from our experience, many of our clients comes to us with their project that they earlier assigned to be done by freelancers because their projects were not moving toward completion. The freelancers can also be end up getting out of budget because they keep moving the deadline of the app project ahead.

We are also not saying to simply an app development company that looks okay to you. There are some ‘vital factors that needs to be highly considered’ while hiring an application development company for making your app:

Check Portfolio

If an app development company looks appealing to your eyes, then the first thing you need to do is have a look at their portfolio. So, ask about the few recent app development projects that have been done by that particular company. With this you can determine whether or not the company has worked for a project similar to your industry vertical.

Ask further questions like:

  • How long did it take to deliver the complete project?

  • What were the unforeseen challenges faced in the project?

  • What makes your work stand out from the crowd?

  • Can you provide us some of your client references?

If that company is great app development company, their team will be able to easily guide you through the whole process of app development. With this, they should also be able to provide you insights on projects similar to your app idea.

Expertise Factor

As a customer, you not never go for the newbie app development companies just for the sake of saving some money. But you should search for app development companies that hold rich expertise in respect to your industry vertical.

For example: You want to hire a company to make your enterprise application. Then you should look for the companies that offer the best enterprise app development companies to their customers.


Now, this is the part where most of the people hesitate to take any action. As customers, we always want to get the best possible service or product at the lowest price. Even if you have a tight budget for your project there are a number of trusted app development companies that offer top app development services at a reasonable price, one of them being ChromeInfo Technologies.

But is also important to have a budget that’s flexible because sometimes the app development professionals that suggest innovative features for your app that you haven’t even think of.

Platform Choice

Apps can be built for different operating systems and platforms for example iOS and Android. And it is very essential to know what your target platform is.

Because if you want to make a mobile app for multiple operating systems then you need to select a reliable app development company that can fulfil this requirement efficiently.

Involvement Stage

Client’s involvement is a must during the entire process of making an app because no matter how amazing the company is, without the client’s input they won’t be able to deliver the app as per the client’s requirements.

At this point, the client should be aware of answers to questions like:

  • How many iterations will there be throughout the process?

  • What level of involvement will they be needing from you?

Clear Communication

You should also ask the company’s professionals about their level of communication like:

  • How often do they communicate with a client?

  • What are the communication approaches that this company follows?

As per our expertise, a company should provide a weekly project update to the client so that the client is able to track the progress of the project successfully. To have an effective communication between both parties is a crucial step towards the success of an app.

Note: You should always keep a track of how frequently the company professionals are replying to your call as messages.

Follow Timeline

As a client, it is your right to ask about the estimated project timeline and specifically ask them about their availability as a company works on several projects at a particular time. You can ask the company questions like:

  • How many projects are you currently working on?
  • When can you deliver the project by?
  • How long do you think the project will take?

One of the most important thing is to confirm the fact, if they have dedicated resources available for your project or not.

So, these are those vital factors that you need to be aware about when hiring an app development company for building your app. Our advice would be to not get overwhelmed by the number of choices in the industry and be patient with your decision.

Basically, the characteristics of a good company are good communication skills, technical expertise, great accountability, and enthusiasm towards understanding the client’s app idea.

“Choose a company wisely as the realization of your app’s vision is in the hands of the app developers”

Now that we have understood the importance of hiring an app development company. It’s time we understand the part that comes next i.e. the process behind app development.

What happens during the App Development?

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The rapid and constant growth of digitalization are making mobile as well as web applications in high demand. We as an app user have become dependent on them for our day-to-day tasks.

Looking at this present trend of consumer behaviour, more and more businesses are investing in the apps as well as mobile strategy. And yes, the app development can be a very challenging process that’s why we are here to guide you through it.

The steps of the app development process that are mentioned below are with respect to hiring a good app development company. This is because employing a professional team of app developers is the best approach to follow.

How to Make an App: Step 1 – Initiation

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The very first step that is even before the development process is the ‘Initiation’. Below are some important points to have knowledge of before the process begins:

  • A dedicated and flexible budget.
  • An in-depth understanding of your target audience.
  • The early-stage wireframes demonstrate the virtual architecture of an app.

Performing extensive research with competitor analysis has become an essential part of the procedure. Because looking at the current situations, apps on similar idea do exist. For example: Uber and Lift, both are based on the concept of on-demand taxi booking services.

If in any case, your app idea already exists in the market then this detailed competitor analysis can be your saviour. Because with this research data, you will be able to gather the plus as well as the negative points of your competitors.

So, now before you move on to the next step ensure that you know:

"What issue will your app be solving?"

"What exactly does your application do?"

"What steps will you take to make your app appealing to the customers?"

Because without knowing the answers to the above-mentioned questions, you will not have clear objectives set for the app. Some good app development companies including ChromeInfotech, always suggest to start with small when it comes to creating an app.

This is because once the initial version of the application is developed and then launched in the market. You are able to note its progress and on the basis of that feedback, more features can be added later.

How to Make an App: Step 2 – Scope of Project

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As a top-notch app development company, our team knows that during the early stages it is very essential to conduct a series of consultations with the app development teams. The whole purpose behind it, is to properly scope the project and also outline the expectations simultaneously.

project scope

This second step of the process will also help you in determining if the project is charged with a flat-fee model or a time-based model. And if your app development project is charged on a time-based model then it is very important to have a clear deliverables outlined from the very beginning.

How to Make an App: Step 3 – Wireframes

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We all are well aware of the fact that the process of wireframing refers to as the visual architecture of the app i.e. what will go on each & every page and how it will turn out once everything is linked together.

Creating digital wireframes is a very crucial step, mainly for visualizations and also, for thoroughly defining the scope of an application with its functionalities. And this digital blueprint of the app allows the app development team to interpret as well as understand what is the actual flow that is to be followed.

How to Make an App: Step 4 – Designing

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Once the wireframing stage is complete and high-quality wireframes have been created. The next step is the designing where the UI i.e. the User Interface plays a significant role in engaging the app users and also navigating them throughout the app.


At this point, the interacted app mockups are to be created as these are used to demonstrate how your app will look like and how will it function when used. The designing section itself includes working on design elements like fonts, app logo, theme colors, and styling format.

For us, client feedback is everything that’s why we make sure to maintain a constant communication with all our clients. It always reduces the extra effort if you ask for client feedback at completion of every stage.

How to Make an App: Step 5 – App Development

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Now, this is the phase where the actual development of the app takes place. So, here the app development team with setup the backend portion of the application. Although this stage is the most important part of the whole process of making an app, many people don’t stay well-informed of the step-by-step progress during it.

Be aware that any iterations conducted can further contribute in increasing the project costs, so a regular communication with the app development company or their team is a must.

There is also an another effective way to reducing the risk factor during the application development process, that is by utilizing an app development platform efficiently.

If the app development platform that you have chosen for building apps, is utilized by using predefined modules. That would further result in minimization of your app project’s cost in terms of both money and time.

How to Make an App: Step 6 – Testing (Beta)

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After the development step of your app is done, we get to the next step of testing where the testers use various high-level tools to test the app’s functionality and performance. Once the data is collected from the testing practices, the development team further optimise the app to obtain the best output.


Testing cannot be summoned up as a single type as there are various kinds of testing, depends on the app’s requirements. During these testing procedures, the app undergoes various condition examinations to see if it is bug-free and offers a great user interface. The procedure of testing does vary from one platform to another.

For example: In Android beta testing, the process is comparatively simple as it only requires the app file to be uploaded onto any android device and then tested live. But in the case of iOS, the testing is to be performed in a controlled environment. Also, for iOS testing, you would also require the TestFlight platform to test the iOS version of the app.

How to Make an App: Step 7 – Launching the App

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At the point, your app is completely developed, tested, and is on the verge to launch in the market. For the app launch, the very first thing that you need to know that it is a process that may take a couple of weeks.

This is because for iOS version, each app is manually reviewed by Apple’s team before it can go live in the iOS app store. During the iOS review, their team might also ask you to make some changes to your app to get approved.

Whereas in the can of Android, the android apps can be added to the Google Play Store instantly but might not be reviewed straight away. So, to publish your application, the developer needs to create his/her account on the respective platform. These app accounts can be registered as an individual and also as a company but a yearly fee is charged.

How to Make an App: Step 8 – Feedback

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This step is actually one of those steps that are most important ones but are considered not mandatory. The final step is to collect the feedback from the targeted user base regarding the app’s functioning. This gathering of feedback takes place post-launch i.e. once the app is live in the market.


The app’s feedback holds significant importance because this collected data helps in guiding us about the app updates that needs to be added in the next version. And without utilizing the analytics of app retention rate and user engagement, your app won’t be able to successfully grow in the marketplace.

These insights hold great amount of important for the app to succeed in the midst of thousands of similar applications.

We hope this content can help you answer your questions regarding the entire procedure of how to make an app. And if you have a doubt or any queries regarding the above-mentioned steps of making an app, feel free to reach us out at

We would be happy to help you resolve your doubts regarding app creating process and its stages!